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The proper stewardship of talent and the maximization of opportunity, more so than the length of days, ultimately determine the quality of one’s life. 

Lynn Terez Davis was born in Nassau, the Bahamas, on the 27th of July, 1974, to Ros and Althea Davis. Her maternal roots lie in the sleepy southern treasure, Ragged Island, while paternally, she hails from The Bahamas’ King of Ecosystems, Andros. As the youngest child and only girl, she was raised in a home where selflessness was personified, support was unconditional, and protection was automatic. 

After the similitude of her grandmothers, Terez enjoyed the outdoors, mainly gardening and roaming the bushes, acquainting herself with indigenous flora and fauna. An avid swimmer and snorkeler, she is an accomplished athlete who excelled at softball in high school.

Terez obtained her formative and secondary education at Kingsway Academy, where she first conceptualized pursuing theatre arts as a career. However, void of a template of how to monetize performance, she pursued a career in education after graduating as Kingsway Academy’s Head Girl in 1992. Her tenure in The College of the Bahamas’ School of Education was preceded by a year teaching pre-school. However, just prior to officially qualifying as a primary school educator, Terez prayerfully switched gears and entered Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, to study Theatre. In the year 2000, having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts with a concentration in Acting, Terez returned to The Bahamas to explore the cultural relevance and possibilities of her training.

Terez is a songwriter and psalmist whose first album, launched in 2012, won her “Best Gospel Praise and Worship Artist” at the South Florida Gospel Music Awards in 2013. The year 2019  will mark yet another significant launch - that of her autobiography: “Underneath the Make-up; Behind the Mask.”

According to Terez, she is alive to fulfil the purposes of God, a mandate which is chiefly and consistently executed through her involvement in four disciplines: “Singing, Preaching, Producing and Writing.” 

Terez is married to Quintin T. Nixon, and together, they are determined to impact The Bahamas and the world in multitudinous ways for the glory of God.

Lynn Terez Davis

Author, Playwright, Motivational Speaker

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