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Meet Daisy

In addition to being a seasoned and well-celebrated actress, Terez is a writer, director and producer. Employed currently as a Cultural Affairs Officer at The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, she developed “Youth Development through The Arts,” a programme which employed the performing arts as a vehicle to train youth from various government and private schools. These after-school and summer programs culminated in several original, well-received shows staged in New Providence and Grand Bahama.

It was through her love for the arts and performances that the character Dynamite Daisy was birthed. She has since become a household name that echoes throughout the Bahama Islands and is known for her comedic genius. Daisy has balanced the art of acting, comedy and song through her colourful character. It is from this passion to teach her craft to others the L. Terez School of Dramatic Arts has been launched.

Connecting with cultural champion the late Kayla Lockhart-Edwards, Terez initially developed and performed a one-woman show, “From Despair to Hope,” at the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts. Although she portrayed multiple characters, it was “Dynamite Daisy” who evolved into a renowned entity in local entertainment and emerged as the icon of Terez’s theatrical and multi-media impact in The Bahamas and beyond. Terez has travelled to the majority of Bahamian islands to perform as Daisy; international performance venues include Trinidad, the United States, and Canada. Terez’s acting has also opened doors for her on the continent of Asia, where she performed in India.

Under the umbrella of Dynamite Productions comes hosting, playwriting, performances through the arts, and motivational speaking.


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