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A story of an icon's emergence from a deep depression and shaken faith, overcoming seasons of loneliness and uncertainty on a roundabout journey from despair to brilliant hope.


What can I say about this book? It's honest, it's powerfully relatable, it's enjoyable and I feel like she is speaking directly to me. It's captivating by how transparent Terez is. It's a story every little girl or boy needs to read. I found myself crying at some points and laughing the next. The book might be short but the message is clear " You are enough, follow your dreams, and there is love after love". I am so proud of this Bahamian Author." I found myself reflecting on my own childhood. She is really good at taking you along with her on her journey to become who she is today. honestly read this book. The message is Faith, not religion. I have really enjoyed this book you will too.  --Lealand

To my mentor and friend - you have inspired me from that day that you looked a budding actress in her face and simply said well done. It stuck with me so much, I begged my mom to introduce us. Since that time you have stood with me. Reading your testimony makes me understand that you spoke from experience and you understand pain. Continue to be a champion for the girls who grow through pain and experiences. We love you! 

--Chevette Black

Such an eye-opener to those of us either raising or mentoring young people and doing ministry. Am so encouraged! --Tricia Kamau

This book is powerful Terez.. Very informative and entertaining. I pray as you continue to write other books that God wi continue to use you to draw many more people to his kingdom. God bless you.  --Anonymous

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